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18 Ways to Be More Sustainable with Your Car & Fuel

In previous article we gave you 9 tips to become more ecofriendly in your garden.

This article will show you 18 ways to be more sustainable with your car and your fuel. Keep on reading if you want to create a better world!

1. Reduce your vehicle usage

Don't drive!

Do you have to drive? If you live in a rural part of the country you may have little choice when you need to travel a long distance.

But if you live in a town or city there's most likely a bus service you could use, or you could walk.

You could also consider getting a bicycle, which will provide you with transport and good exercise and lots of savings in your pocket!

2. Drive smoothly

Become a smooth driver. I don't mean someone who poses and tries to look cool behind the wheel. I mean someone who brakes gently and accelerates gently.

Driving smoothly will put less stress on your car. It will consume less gas too. The car parts will last longer and the gas will get you further.

You save and the environment saves too.

3. Consolidate your trips

Consolidate your driving trips.

Don't drive to the local store every day. Go once a week and stock up properly.

Do you have to drive your kids to school every day? Perhaps a neighbor and you could get together and share the driving.

Think of ways to reduce your driving. You will save fuel and save on resources too.

4. Reduce your speed

Reduce your speed. Driving at 70 miles per hour is expensive.

A much more efficient speed for the average car is around 55 miles per hour.

You will still get to where you are going at that speed, and you still get to where you are going at that speed, and you will burn less fuel too.

5. Reduce your car weight

Dump all the excess weight in your car. You car will burn more gas with every pound of increased weight.

Go through the trunk and see if there is anything you can leave out. In some cases you can probably dump up to 100 pounds of unnecessary stuff.

That will increase you car mileage considerably over time and save you money too.

6. Keep your car maintained

Give your car a tune up. Like so many other things, a car works at its most efficient when everything is working at its best possible.

Your car will consume less gas, go further and save you money all at the same time. It will also lessen its drain on the environment too.

7. Try carpooling

Carpool to work as much as possible.

You don't have to work at the same place in order to do this. You just all have to be going in roughly the same direction.

There are close to 130 million workers in the US. Close to 80% of them drive to work alone. Carpooling can save a lot of m oney for everyone.

8. Check your fuel octane level

Check what your car's recommended fuel octane level is.

Don't get a higher fuel octane if you don't need it. Higher fuel octane levels are usually more expensive.

9. Check your tire roll resistance

Tire roll resistance accounts for 20 % of your car's fuel consumption. That's the energy needed to get the tires rolling and keep them rolling.

Tires, like most other things, work best when they are in peak condition. Keep your tires properly inflated.

Tire roll resistance increases with undeincreases with underinflated tires.

Check the pressure regularly and inflated tires. Check the pressure regularly and keep it at the recommended pressure.

Also check wheel alignment. keep it at the recommended pressure. Also check wheel alignment. Badly aligned wheels WILL cost you a lot of money!

10. Reduce idling

Never sit with the engine idling for more than one minute. Restarting the engine consumes about the same amount of gas that an idling engine consumes in about one minute.

You will save gas and money if your wait is going to be more than a minute by switching the engine off!

11. Reduce dinner trips

Around 16 million gallons of gas is wasted every year from cars sitting in line at places like Burger King.

You can eat healthier and save gas by cooking at home and staying home!

This way your meal will cost less you cook it so you don't have to drive anywhere to get it!

12. Get organised

Anticipate ahead.

This will help to prevent those last minute hard braking events that scare everyone and consume unnecessary gas, putting added strain on your car's parts at the same time.

Keep thinking ahead and anticipate bends, braking gently in plenty of time.

See the red light up ahead so that you don't have to screech to a halt because you weren't ready. Anticipate and keep your blood pressure down too.

13. Check your gas cap

Replace an old and word gas cap. Check your gas cap for wear, especial ly the seal. If you find any wear, replace it.

A worn gas cap with a faulty seal will let fuel evaporate out.

At least you'd have some be better pouring the gas down the drain. At least you'd have some control that way.

14. Remove overhead luggage rack

Do you have an overhead luggage rack that you don't actually use

all the time? Remove it.

An overhead luggage rack adds drag, which in turn means more gas used. Save some money and only put in in place when you need it.

15. Seat belt first

Put on your seat belt before you start your car's eng ine. If you are like most people, you start the engine, then put on the seat belt.

This can waste several hundred dollars in wasted fuel every year. It all adds up!

16. Park in reverse

Reverse into a parking space instead of driving straight in.

The reason is that you can drive straight out on a cold engine instead of maneuvering on a cold engine. It's more efficient and greener.

You could save around 25% better fuel economy doing this. If everyone in a medium sized city also did it, they could collectively save a much more interesting total of $15 million every year!

17. Get a fuel efficient car

When the time comes to replace your car, consider getting a fuel efficient car.

Smaller cars are generally much more efficient that huge gas guzzling SUV's. New hybrid cars c an offer a good solution.

Check them out.

18. Maintain your air filter

Change your car's air filter regularly.

Doing this will improve gas mileage by as much as 10% and save up to 28 cents per gallon.


There you have it, 18 ways to be more sustainable with your car!

Are you applying any of these tips in your life to be more ecofriendly? Let us know in the comments below!

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