• Sharon Walker

Extra Tips to Help You Live Green and Sustainable

In previous articles we gave you some tips to live a greener life while reducing your impact on the planet. This article will give you even more tips on how to live more sustainable.

It's in the little things

There are plenty of small areas where you can make some significant changes as well. The concepts here are very easy and anyone can implement then to start living greener right now.

You will be proud to offer such benefits to the environment without having to give up anything you really need.

Please remember, small changes can lead to big impact. Even the smallest change in your daily life, if done consistently, could make a big difference over a longer period of time.

Drinking water sustainably

It is important to drink plenty of water each day. Yet you often see people carrying around plastic bottles of it. In many instances bottled water doesn’t taste any better than the tap water but manufacturers of bottled water want you to think there is.

Instead of getting a new bottle each time you drink water get some reusable containers. You can fill them up with water and even ice if you prefer and drink them everywhere you go.

There are several sizes, colors, and designs that you can choose from. This process will significantly reduce the amount of plastic that is in our environment.

If you do live in an area where it isn’t safe to drink the tap water then you want to make sure you recycle those plastic bottles. That way they don’t end up in landfills. You can also get bottled water delivered to your home in large containers.

Then you can just fill up your own water bottles that you reuse from there. That is a great way to get healthy water and to eliminate waste at the same time. You will also find that getting bottled water this way is cheaper than buying those individual bottles at the store and from the vending machines.

Donate left over supplies

When you complete projects in your home such as remodeling and painting you will likely have left over supplies. You aren’t going to be able to do much with most of them.

Paint is a substance that you don’t want to place at landfills due to the chemicals found in them. They can get underground and do a great deal of damage. A better alternative is to donate that left over paint and supplies.

There are many organizations that collect such items to help others. This can be Church groups, community organizations, and specific programs so find out what is available in your area. You can even search online to find out how to donate such items to a worthy cause.

The left over paint can be mixed with many others that people have donated. It can be used to paint houses, paint schools, and to make your town look nicer by reducing fences and such.

This is a great way to prevent those leftovers from being wasted and from harming the environment.

trash can

Proper disposal

Make sure you properly dispose of pollutants that can be very dangerous for the Earth. It is common for people to change their oil at home to save money and to get the job done quickly.

Never pour that oil on the ground as it will get into the soil. This is going to erode the ground of essential nutrients necessary in order for something to grow there.

When oil gets into the water it can result in aquatic life dying. This is very serious as it will upset the balance of the natural food chain.

It can result in problems in that part of the water decades after it has taken place. It is also possible for the oil to get into drinking water if you aren’t careful.

Sustainable sunscreen

We have all heard plenty of information about the warnings of skin cancer from being in the sun without proper sunscreen. What we often don’t realize though is that what is in that sunscreen can be polluting both the water and the air around us.

You want to avoid using chemical sunscreens as they aren’t good for the environment. They aren’t going to offer you any more protection than those made from titanium oxide or zinc oxide. Read the labels on the sunscreen products you purchase and make sure you get a high enough SPF that is right for your skin.

There are plenty of aerosol cans of sunscreen out there and you want to avoid using them as well. These types of dispensers can be very harmful to the ozone layers. Instead choose one you can spray on your body with a spray bottle nozzle or that you can dispense like a lotion and spray on your body.

Sunscreen isn’t the only type of aerosol that you should avoid though. Look for products to clean your home and even hairspray that isn’t going to be harming the environment. There are alternative dispensing sources to them so you aren’t limited to relying on anything in an aerosol form.

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