• Sharon Walker

Transportation Tips to Save the Planet

Transportation is one of the most polluting factor in the world. In this article you will gain insight in how you can help save the planet by using transportation in a smart way.

How you can save the planet in a smart way

With more vehicles on the road today than ever before transportation is a huge factor with pollution.

Even with emissions laws in place that limit how much pollution a car can give out, the accumulative amount of it is unbelievable.

Taking the time to do your part to cut down on it will ensure everyone is healthier and breathing cleaner air.

You may be saying that you have to use your car to get around so you aren’t going to read this section. It is agreed that being able to hop in your own car and go where you wish is important.

However, it is also important that you understand there are still changes that can be made to reduce the amount of emissions that take place when you do.

Keep it well maintained

Many of us are very attached to our vehicle as we see it to be a life line that keeps us going where we want to be.

It is convenient to have your own vehicle and it offers you a way to get to work, take care of your errands, and to do leisurely activities that you enjoy.

It is important to take proper care of your vehicle to reduce pollution. If you have a damaged exhaust system or other problem you need to get it resolved right away.

You can get a complete diagnosis for it from your local mechanic. Some people are able to fix such problems on their own and that is fine too.

Use transportation in a smart way

Even though you do need your vehicle, you may be able to use it less. Can you walk to the store or the park? Can you carpool for work or to get the kids to their various activities?

This will reduce the number of vehicles on the road each day by doing so.

Place a message on the bulletin board in the work lunch room, at your child’s dance class, and other such locations.

This will be to inform other driver’s that you are interested in carpooling. In order for it to work though everyone involved must be committed to being ready on time and to driving at their specified times.

There are also modes of public transportation in many areas. You can commute by taking a bus, subway, or a train that many other people are on.

This will save you the wear and tear on your vehicle as well. With the cost of gas these days it can prove to be more affordable for you as well.

If you have a lengthy commute you can also use that time to get some work done both directions or to enjoy a good book.

Consider an environmentally friendly vehicle

There are some very good vehicles on the market that have been recognized as being environmentally friendly.

Honda is a leader in this area the Civic. They also have a hybrid model which we will talk more about in a moment. Then Toyota Prius is also variable in a standard or hybrid model. This is one of the top selling hybrid vehicles in the world.

There are some compact cars that are very eco-friendly and at the same time you can save money on fuel.

If you can by comfortable with your lifestyle in a compact vehicle then check out the Mini Cooper, Ford Focus, and Honda Fit. Knowing that the vehicle you are driving is very environmentally friendly should make you feel good each time you drive it.

The hybrid models are those that have an alternate fuel source in addition to gas. They either operate with the use of electricity or solar power.

This is the fuel source that is used first before any gas is accessed. When those sources are depleted then the vehicle switches to gas.

As soon as you recharge the main energy source the use of gas is stopped and it goes back to that alternative. Even when you are relying upon the gas for power though it is going to burn in a way that is very good for the environment.

Hybrids can be quite expensive though so even with so much to offer many consumers have to pass them up.

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