• Sharon Walker

How to Turn Your Chrome Browser into a Tree Planting Machine

Do you want to help save the planet and plant more trees? But you don't know how? We've got the perfect solution: Treetab.

Continue reading to find out how you can contribute to a better world for free.

What is Treetab?

Treetab is a free Chrome browser extension that allows you to plant trees when you surf the web and open new tabs.

We started this project because we are slowly losing the trees on our planet, which are so essential to survival of life on Earth.

Not only did we want to be able to make an impact, but we wanted to make an impact with doing something that people do anyway. So we came up with a Chrome plugin that plants trees when you open a new browser tab while surfing the web.

How does Treetab work?

Treetab replaces your empty new tab with a beautiful image of nature and a small ad at the bottom. It also contains the current time and a personalized greeting message.

Everytime you open a new tab, the ad is visible, and we receive a very small revenue from our ad partner. We use this revenue to plant trees in Madagascar.

Each new tab also contains a menu on the right side showing you how many trees you have helped plant and how many trees all Treetabbers have planted so far. It also contains options to invite friends, rate the extension, and check out the frequently asked questions and privacy policy.

By the way, important to note, we do not collect any personalized data or sell any data. We are interested in making an impact, not in your personal information.

How to get the Treetab extension?

For the moment, Treetab is only available for Google Chrome on desktop. But we are working hard to make it available for more browsers and devices.

If you want to install the Treetab extension and start making an impact, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the following link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/treetab-plant-trees-for-f/ockbaepiiodlomancgnafmohoipcdjco

  2. Click on "Add to Chrome" (you need to be logged in with a Google account).

  3. Click on "Add extension" in the pop-up

  4. Great! You have successfully installed the Treetab extension. Now you see a beautiful image everytime you open a new tab. And, most importantly, you will now help save the planet!

If you have any questions about the extension, feel free to reach out: hello@treetab.co

What kind of trees do you plant and where?

We plant native mangrove trees at the north-west coast in Madagascar.

Why mangrove trees?

Mangrove trees are vitally important to ecosystems in many ways:

  • They sequester (= capture and store) 2-4 times more CO2 from the air than rainforests do. Each tree captures about 308kg of CO2 over their lifespan

  • They protect shorelines against land erosion by storms, hurricanes, winds, waves, and floods

  • They provide important living areas and nurseries for many animals species like fishes, turtles, alligators, and birds

  • They filter pollutants from the water, providing healthy waters to fish in and healthy land to farm on

In addition to that, our tree planting partner (Eden Reforestation Projects) hires local villagers to plant the trees. This way locals can earn a proper income and provide for their families.

What impact can I make?

This greatly depends on 2 factors: the amount of revenue we receive per 1000 views, and the number of tabs you open.

On average, and at the time of writing, we plant 1 tree for about 100 opened tabs. I open about 1200 tabs per month, resulting in 12 trees planted each month.

But if we all use this plugin with our Chrome browser, just imagine the impact we could make.

We would be planting billions of trees each month!

Download Treetab and invite your friends! Let's make the world a better place.

Start making an impact today and download the extension here for free